You’ve got 1 word. 5 seconds to guess. 15 rounds to go. 30 levels to play.

Introducing, a whole new bored game for mobile!

Play Wurdzee when you want to slack off at work. Play it when you’re on public transit. Play it when you’re sitting on the john. Play it on the airplane. Play it on your tour bus. Play it while someone’s talking to you – just please don’t play it when you’re driving!

This is a game for those who like words. It’s a game that challenges everything you thought you knew about any word out there. Wurdzee presents you with a word and you have to determine if that word exists, you’ve got five seconds until your time is up.

Wurdzee challenges the mind and helps you to learn new words!

Think that’s all there is to it? Wrong.

All successful players reach milestones throughout the game. When those milestones are reached, Wurdzee presents you with rewards. Basically, we reward you for playing Wurdzee! Nice.

We think so.