NextCar helps you locate a ride, navigate through the shortest routes available and gets you to your destination quickly and safely under the care of our team of drivers. NextCar is the latest innovation developed for transportation ease in Pakistan. It is a car-sharing app that allows its users to connect to available vehicles to take them any where they need to be, at any time at a low cost and high convenience. Booking is done in just a few seconds, and payment is done either by cash or through credit for a smooth wireless all-in-one transaction.

For NextCar drivers, they have prepared a convenient way to start earning at their own terms. NextCar allows you to be booked at whatever time convenient for you be it in between breaks, on a weekend or a lazy afternoon. Becoming a NextCar driver means you become your own boss, and being able to work without the stresses of deadlines and timings. You will have total freedom to set your own pace and create a schedule most fitting to your liking. All you will need is your car and our app and you are all set to go. Whether be it an additional source of income or a regular long-term job, being a NextCar driver is the perfect fit for you.

  • CLIENT Next Innovations (Pvt) Ltd
  • YEAR 2016
  • WE DID Design, Development, Launch and support
  • PARTNERS Next Innovation and DeviceBee Teams