Dukaani Smart Shopping

Dukanni is operated by multinational Companies in UAE and Qatar as a beginning .Dukanni is smart shopping platform transforming all shopping stores to sell their products online Groceries delivered to you in just a few clicks!

  • No need to go out to the supermarket or local store.
  • Access the app from anywhere, select a store, browse products and click to buy!
  • Buyer can have it delivered to any address-home, office or the park.
  • Dukaani records order history. Re-order with just a click.
  • Accepts all the credit cards in the UAE and other GCC countries
  • Store your previous orders and delivery locations for fast delivery for the future orders

Download the latest Dukaani App for Android and iPhone to enjoy the ultimate grocery shopping experience using your smart phone.

  • CLIENT Dukaani Smart Shopping - UAE
  • YEAR 2015
  • WE DID Branding, Design, Development and Launch
  • PARTNERS DeviceBee Dev Team, Dukaani Business Team